Your ocular well being

Art d’y Voir puts the health of your eyes at the heart of its priorities.

A complete evaluation of your eye health is performed by one of our optometrists. The optometrist is the first line professional for your eyes and his responsibility is to detect and treat many conditions.

Eye Exam


0 to 17 years old: free of charges* upon presentation of a Quebec health insurance card.

From 18 to 64 years old: $105.

From 65 years old: free of charges* upon presentation of the Quebec health insurance card.


Covers eye exams for people aged 0-17 and 65+, as well as Income Security beneficaries.

Covers retinal exams under dilation for diabetics on medication and people with high myopia aged 0-17 and 65+.

Covers emergency eye exams for the whole population.

Does not cover pathology treatment .

Therefore, additional charges may apply.


Contact lenses are a discreet solution to correct your vision problems. They can improve vision just like glasses and offer UV protection (some lenses). However, buying contact lenses should be supervised by an eye care professional to make sure they are right for your eyes.

New daily disposable contact lenses are a great choice for athletes, casual outings or just for your everyday life, because they are simple and comfortable.

Conseils d’entretien lentilles de contact

Types of contact lenses

  • Daily lenses (disposable every day)
  • Biweekly lenses (disposable every two weeks)
  • Monthly lenses (disposable every month)

Never tried contact lenses before and want to take the leap? Find out which lenses will best suit your needs.

Steps to buy your first contact lenses

  1. Have in hand your valid prescription (12 months max).
  2. Make two appointments with one of our opticians


One to create your profile, validate your needs and take measurements (15 minutes)

  1.   The second, called delivery appointment, where you will learn about and try on your lenses with the optician.
  2. Wear the lenses for several days as an adaptation to test your general comfort and validate if your vision is good.
  3. Verification appointment: as final checking, the optician must ensure comfort and good vision with the product tried on. Once the quality assurance is up to standard, the optician places the order.
  4. Don’t worry, you will only have to go through this lengthy process of choosing your contact lenses once. You can then renew them easily.

The importance of the prescription optician

A prescription optician is on site in each of our branches to offer you a complete service. Do you know the impact of having an optician taking measurements when you buy your glasses?

The optician offers you a quality product that meets your needs while respecting your budget. He accompanies you throughout the purchasing process and advises you on your choice of lenses and treatments. Taking accurate measurements is essential since it is with these measurements that your lenses will be perfectly adapted to your prescription according to your choice of frame.

Also, the prescription opticians will guide you in the choice of contact lenses. During the appointment, they perform the necessary examinations to choose contact lenses adapted to the dimensions of your eye, make sure that wearing the lens is safe and help you choose a lens adapted to your lifestyle.

Ready to put on your new glasses? They’ll fit you perfectly – Prescription opticians have a compass in their eye!


Myopia ? Hyperopia ? Astigmatism ? Presbyopia? All this seems so vague, to say the least! Don’t worry, we explain it all to you. Visit our definitions page. We also take this opportunity to inform you about the different types of existing lenses and their specificity, you won’t believe your eyes!