About Art d’y Voir

Who are we?

As passionate optician, Art d’y Voir offers a unique selection of optical and solar glasses, through carefully selected brands and models.

We welcome you 6 days a week in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, located on Saint Laurent Boulevard in Montreal.

We offer authentic eyewear that goes beyond a simple logo to reflect the best of design and craftsmanship.

We are very proud of our Best Sellers such as:

Dokomotto, Naoned, Les Frenchies, Barns Haute Lunetterie, Izipizi…

optométriste montréal

The Concept

The store’s concept is based on simple notions: a warm welcome, medical and professional expertise, a team of friendly opticians who listen and give good advice. Art d’y Voir offers a true discovery in its choice of designer eyewear. Far from standards, the store’s selection awakens the eyes, thanks to the colors, shapes and materials used. The concept is simple: sit back and let us guide you.

The Team

Opticians and experienced “visagistes” will have the pleasure to advise, surprising, sometimes disorient you, in order to find the pair of glasses that you need. They will consider your tastes (maybe unexpected) as well as the characteristics of your face.

For Art d’y Voir, having a personalized customer service the heart of our business. After all, every look is unique!

Our mascot

Cash, the shop’s dachshund / beagel (yes, that’s his real name!), Will welcome you every day with the sympathy recognized by the locals. Faithful to the position since the opening of the store, Cash brings his little touch of sweetness and originality.

Wearing glasses is a pleasure

Much more than a necessity, glasses have become a fashion accessory where comfort and elegance are two essential characteristics in the choice of the frame.

The glasses are the accessory that you will wear all day long, what we first see when we meet you.

So, get tempted by these different glasses that allow you to impose your style immediately.

Art d’y Voir Montreal has chosen to put forward this idea by offering you a wide choice of designer frames with avant-garde materials and design.


To provide our customers with a unique choice of frames. To meet the needs of a maximum number of customers thanks to adapted offers and products that are no less qualitative. Wearing glasses is a luxury that must be accessible to all.


Glasses are for us the reflection of your personality and your mood. We want to find the pair of glasses that will fit everyone’s personality. Thus, looking at someone’s glasses will reveal one of their traits.


To bring a concrete and fair solution to each customer. Personalized service is at the heart of Art d’y Voir’s business. After all, every look is unique!

Femme regardant Sabine be

Trendy glasses

Always ready to reveal and request exclusive products, Art d’y Voir exhibits different styles of models, create and adapts to all lifestyles: From modern to retro, from discreet to flashy, from plastic to metal, men, women and children will truly be able to see better.

Thanks to the exclusivity of the international brands that we have selected and the advice of our opticians, we do our best to offer you exceptional eyewear adapted to your personality.


Myopia ? Hyperopia ? Astigmatism ? Presbyopia? All this seems so vague, to say the least! Don’t worry, we explain it all to you. Visit our definitions page. We also take this opportunity to inform you about the different types of existing lenses and their specificity, you won’t believe your eyes!